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4P is a sports traveling agency with the vision of being globally recognized as South European premier provider of sensational training camps & vacation experiences. The agency has welcomed groups from several countries as Austria, England, France, Russia, Scotland and Greece for training camps and events that have made a difference in each participantas life. Team 4P, as former internationally experienced athletes (with Olympic Games participations, Top 8 appearances at World & European Championships and other international accomplishments), understand the importance of quality training, comfort & relaxing time at ideal locations. Greece is known worldwide for its unique beauty, offering all kinds of scenery, from astonishing beaches to marvelous rocky views, from roaring rivers to peaceful lakes. We are here to deliver high quality, lifetime experiences!


4P has been organizing training camps and special sports events in Greece, serving groups from all over Europe for the past few years and it is expressed, with absolute confidence that this Team is outstanding at what it does!

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  • Our summer training club in Loutraki was very successful as our swimmers had the opportunity to combine hard work and fun. On the one hand, ideal training environment for performance swimming in a great training facility, while on the other hand, a homely town with many amenities, decent hotel 70 m from the beach and amazing excursions for sightseeing and water sports. Thank you guys, we will come back next year!

    — Kostas Kalitsis - Lead coach on national girls squad —
    — Warrender Baths Club a�� July 2014 —
  • I think I can speak on everyonea��s behalf to say that they all thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Loutraki and the swimmers had a brilliant time. Everyone has said what a brilliant host you are Christos and Tolis, so thank you to both of you so much for looking after everyone so well! We really hope we have a chance to work with you again on another swimcamp and would reiterate our thanks and appreciation for looking after our team so well.

    — Fiona Corby - Secretary —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club a�� October 2014 —
  • Thanks for the day out to Athens. I loved how historical the place is. It was a lovely location. The pool was amazing. The people were amazing. Overall it was an amazing time.

    — Emma - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • Really fun and I enjoyed the location and that we were so close to the sea. Everybody was really friendly.

    — Amy - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • I really enjoyed going to Greece, because the swimming pool was really nice and clean. I have also enjoyed the beach and food.

    — Aaron V. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • As an external swimmer I really enjoyed the atmosphere within the South Croydon swimmers. I also liked how we joined evening activities with Wandsworth SC. Ia��m also impressed with how well Christos can speak English and how much knowledge he has gained on Ancient Greece.

    — Reiss O.C. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • I enjoyed the swim camp, the pool was really nice and it was good to train outsidea��new experience. The trip to Athens was also very good.

    — Kate P. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • The swim camp was a really fun and memorable week and I really liked going to visit the Acropolis in Athens and the facilities around the pool. Going to the beach and doing the open water was really exciting.

    — Ella C. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • The camp was great, and as a former swimmer, you (Christos) made the camp even better. Your historic knowledge is exceptional.

    — Dylan N. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • This swim camp was a great experience. The pool was clean and it was outside, so it makes it even better. The best part was when we went to Athens and Christos was very good with his knowledge about the Acropolis and his English was great.

    — Freya - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —
  • The swim camp was a lot of fun because of the exceptional facilities. Also, the location was great as it was close to the sea. Finally, Christos was fun and entertaining.

    — Karl N. - Swimmer —
    — South Croydon Swimming Club - October 2014 —

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Here's few Famous clients we've worked with so far

Dynamo Moscow - Russia
Energy Standard International Swimming Club - Ukraine
France Sport Association - France
I�I�I?I?I�I?I�I?I?I?I� I?I?I�I�I?I?I?I� I�I�I?I?I?I�I?I�I�I� - Greece
LuganoNuoto - Switzherland
Maximum Performances - England
Polish Swimming Federation - Poland
South Croydon Swimming Club - England
Tabysim - Sweden
Warrender Baths Club - Scotland


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