Swim training. Unconventional workout

It is very important to have people around us that care enough about what we do, what they do about it and how much fulfilling their and our lives are after going for it.

My coach wasna��t happy with conventional training. A sprinter is supposed to be perfect in all parts of his/her racea��from the a�?beepa�? to the touch. One day, during our swim workout, we were working on the start but we did maybe two or three normal starts. We did squat jumps and throws with a med ball and then dive in the water. We did one-leg squats (pistol squats)a��then the front leg went back and tried to do a start while jumping off the block with one leg! So many different little things that can make a swimming workout much more interesting, exciting and at the same time very effective! If we are able to get better in ten things that would help our start, then the actual start of a race has a lot more chances to be perfect.

Of course it is not usual for the swimmer to spend one hour doing starts, probably because of lack of time. But if you have the chance to incorporate one swimming workout per week on starts/turns/finishes, then you will definitely have an edge at the end of a race.

It doesna��t matter if you train 8, 6, 5 or 3 times per weeka��use one of the sessions to work on things other than aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Doing something different relaxes your mind and body from usual training and at the same time it takes us closer to bettering parts that are tough to work on while doing a long swim set.

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