Swimming longevity. How swimming events affect a swimmera��s attitude

Every swimming event has it’s own beauty. A great week of swimming training at home is a marvelous “event” that can take a swimmer’s psychology to a whole new level. Taking some time to travel for a swim camp is an amazing chance to elevate our training routine to a larger scale, which will later give us the opportunity to race better, faster, stronger and more successfully! Now, when a swimmer gets a chance to have an awesome camp followed by a fun, exciting and successful swim meet…then that could be the best week of the year!

We visited a school a while back that welcomed about 10 schools from 6 or 7 different countries. The kids finished off their visit to the city and the school with an exciting swim meet. Of course, there were prelims and finals, and official timing and medals…but we didn’t see one unhappy face for finishing “just outside the money”! It was awesome to see everyone cheer and smile so big while watching their teammates trying their hearts out!

It got us thinking what is more pure…is it a professional swimmer’s victory at a World Championships or is it a kid’s 5th place that doesn’t seem to feel anything but joy…even for a split second (?). Will those kids make a devoted a�?swimmer for lifea�? in the years to come? Or will it be that World Champion that will keep on going? We are not sure if there is any pattern here…but either way, anyone who manages to stay in the sport of swimming and keeps enjoying every single minute in the water is definitely the one that was truly happy with his/her performances and time spent in the pool.

We really wish those that gained so much from swimming would continue to give back to the sport…mutual respect is fundamental for the growth of the sport in any place in the world! Love what you do…if you don’t, take a little break…when you miss it enough…you will return to give back some more…with greater feelings and adoration for the smell of chlorine…

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