Swimming a�� Perseverance is key!

Swimming has taught us discipline and patience. It has given a�?worka�? a new meaning. At times, hard work has been good enough and at times it has been too much to cope with and more than we are supposed to do.

In our sport, we have grown from quantity to quality throughout the decades. Some swimmers and coaches persist on quantity while others try to combine the two ideas. We are on neither side. We believe that quality overcomes, most of the times, the amount of work when being applied correctly.

Any season can be one of the toughest during a swimmera��s career. We are not talking in terms of volume or time spent in and out of the water, for swimming. We are talking about the time spent for everything else in life other than swimming. Lots of work and lots of other key factors in a season can bring us to this point. We have come to realize that all obstacles presented in front of us have a reason to be therea��they have their way of telling us how to move on. Shall we move on to the same path? Shall we change paths? Shall we move on to the next set of things in life?

One thing that swimming has given us is perseverance. But when is enougha��enough? Never? Personal experiences give different sense to the word a�?quittinga�?. When we dona��t reach our a�?finala�? targets, shall we quit? Not sure there should be a final target in an idea. So, if we cannot see the end of the tunnel, does that mean swimming is an idea? Thought it was a sport! And how can a swimmer stay motivated if there is no end in mind? We see young swimmers develop to be Olympians, and some of them go on to be master swimmers. We do like the idea of a sport becoming an idea in itself and a way of livinga��in happier terms, probably because of physical, mental and social positive outcomes.

So keep on goinga��alter or add on to your goals and you shall always stay motivated and swimming-happy!

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