Swimming workout. What makes it interesting

What is it that makes a swimming workout interesting? Of course, when we enjoy what we do, it is already interesting. But we usually enjoy doing what we do, when we do it well.

In swimming, coaches and experience say that we should focus more on what we dona��t do well, without omitting the rest of it of course. Does that mean that the workout will get less interesting? Not necessarilya��

I agree that it feels good to work on things that we do well; it gives us confidence and of course, practice makes perfect. But I believe that a greater feeling is generated when we achieve something that wea��ve felt impossible to do before. In a swimming workout, there are a lot of things we need to work on and when we finally manage to correct a mistake, the psychological boost is huge.

A swim coach is doing a job that will never get obsolete. It doesna��t matter if he/she coaches a toddler or a world champion. There are always little things that even when the swimmer feels they do it correctly, the coacha��s perspective is invaluable. When a masters swimmer is working out, the presence of a coach is essential as well. It doesna��t matter if the swimmer sets masters world records or if they just work out to stay in shape. Correcting little things makes the mastera��s swim training easier. By easier, I dona��t mean that it makes the athlete lazier. It is just that when our technique gets better, less effort is needed to swim faster.

They say that swimming is a lonely sporta��maybe so. But it is a sport that will always be interesting and always evolve.

Posted on 12th March 2015 in Uncategorised

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